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The Importance of Honesty/Women/Relationships

Over the years, i’ve found it fairly hard to be completely honest with the opposite sex. One thing that i preach to myself and to anyone that has conversations with me is that honesty is the most important thing in friendships/relationships. My favorite comedian is Corey Holcomb. He’s as blunt as it gets. Tariq Elite is also a great guy i enjoy gaining wisdom from due to his honesty. Anyway, with all this wisdom and life lessons i get I still have a hard time being me completely. Most times its out of fear that someone wont like me due to my opinions on whatever the situation is. Aaron in a nutshell is opinionated, selfish, a little chauvinistic, has a potty mouth, and doesnt have one specific crowd that he could fit in. These things, when combined could be dangerous. I was raised in a family where the women played the “woman” role, and the man played the “man” role. Moving from a small town to the big city i began to notice that not everyone lives that way and  that my mindset may need to change a bit. But why? Why should i if i like those roles and the way things are? Because i wont get what i want if i dont change my mentality. Fuck that lol. Anyway back to honesty i got side tracked for a second..

Anyway, I just have a difficult time being honest with women. It took me years to be completely honest with my ex and tell her that we shouldnt be together anymore. I never wanted to hurt her feelings, but learned in that situation that you will only start resenting a person if you feel different from them and keep your feelings hidden. I really did start to resent her, and it got to a point where i just was tired of hearing her name, seeing her face, or getting texts from her. She is an amazing girl, but we were young and i feel that our time passed. Together from 18-24 is a long time for “kids”. I missed out on all the “fun” college activities because i was in love. I still am having to deal the aftermath of our relationship, as we still communicate and i dont in my heart think that she is over me. I finally was strong enough to tell her we dont need to talk at all…somehow she still sticks around. Bottom line: I should have been honest with her when things changed and left her alone, it could have been easier. P.S.: I dont care what anyone says, if you break up with a real ex, stop having sex with them. It will only complicate things. Dont trust anything else.

Soooo on to my current situation…This situation is what sprung this honesty blog…So i have a close female friend that I met a couple of years ago while I was sitting out of school. She attended the school that I attend as well, but we didnt know each other like that. We also worked at a job together before the one that i’m speaking of, but in different areas. I thought she was good looking, and had a little crush on her from that point forward. Fast forward time maybe a year (from 2009-2010) and I randomly get a job where she works, that someone referred me to. We get cool when I start working there, but nothing crazy. In the back of my mind i still want some pussy from this girl. I realize that she is really a cool chick. She is smart, determined, ambitious, and just has great potential as far as a relationship goes. So she ends up transferring to a different school which puts a halt on whatever I thought we had going, friendship or more. We still ended up keeping in touch for the last two years, hanging out or whatever. I wasn’t checking for her anymore because it just wasnt any attraction from me. I’m not the type to get stuck in the friend zone so i really wasnt trying to stick around and be friends. She would tell me who she was talking to and i wouldnt care…WHY? because i was lying to myself. I was trying to be cool and accept that we were friends when the truth is thats not what i originally intended. I wanted some pussy at the least. So you get the dynamic of our relationship right? okay cool so fast forward to 2 months ago. She starts hitting me up out the blue on facebook..like daily which isn’t normal for us. We at most would talk a few times a month First thing that pops up in my mind, “this bitch must be bored or something” lol..but im not tripping cause shes cool and we have so much in common and our relationship is pretty strong. So one late night we are texting and she comes out and just says “Aaron why do you do me like this?”..i’m like :-? “do you like what?”…oh shit…

So we’re talking and she confesses that she finds me attractive but never said anything because she felt that i wasn’t interested enough in her and thought i had other girls keeping me busy. By this time im just in shock and dont believe her. I ask her numerous times if shes drunk and she says no and understands what she is saying. So i finally tell her that i’ve always felt the same way and that i’d like to continue to see where things go with us. Now let me add that she just graduated and just moved to Miami..lol yea..thats over and done but let me finish for the sake of the story..So we start talking everyday for like two weeks and the last time i see her we go to a baseball game together. We end up talking that night about everything that transpired with us in the recent weeks. She ends up telling me that she wasn’t initially attracted to me at first because she saw no ambition or drive in me and that looks just arent enough for her. So thats cool and all but now i’m wondering when/what she started feeling me like that..she tells me the last time we chilled (march for my bday) she noticed a difference in me. I wasnt so into my looks and was really growing up and becoming a man. It was true i have changed alot, and i guess it was becoming apparent to everyone including myself. The only part i didnt agree with was about my drive & ambition early on. I was just at a stage in life where i was going through things and didn’t have the confidence in my future that i currently have today.

So after that talk, another couple of weeks has come and gone and…..we’re back to how we were initially. No everyday communication, im on my selfish worry about myself shit, and she’s in Miami. I’m afraid that now her honesty could have made things permanently awkward as far as a friendship goes. I chose to be honest 2 years too late. I could have had the pussy 2 years ago if I really wanted it but I chose to keep my honest thoughts in my mind.

Moral of the Stories: LEARN THE GAME, PRACTICE THE GAME, KEEP IT REAL, BE YOURSELF.. and BE HONEST ALWAYS..Learn from me..it will help so much

Im proud to say that my game is getting crisp and I have a better understanding of women, relationships and things like that. okay..im done

Life Currently/School

Man…long time no talk..time to vent/express myself/update my status..first things first..SCHOOL

I’m so excited about graduating in May. You would think that i was graduating tomorrow with how excited i am. I’ve had tunnel vision for the last 2 years since I started this journey again. Over time i’ve learned that you dont have to ask people for permission to do things as an adult, because they get kids, get married, get houses, get girls, i could go on forever, but the point is they dont ask for permission to do those things. While you’re wating around on them to have fun, live life, and be a part of your world, they are out creating a life of their own, which is 100% cool, i just had to learn how this thing called life works. I put me first now and dont mind being selfish. Sometimes it takes a little of that to get some of your dreams accomplished. Everyone doesn’t have the same views or opinions on the world as you, so it’s important to follow your mind. Whether its a parent, a relative, or a friend in your ear..If its not what God wants for you, or what you want for yourself, don’t do it..simple. I have had to turn down so many invites to have “fun” for school, but in the back of my mind i just remind myself that “they have what they want outta life, now its time to get what I want”..work now, play later. This is easily gonna be my greatest accomplishment in my 26 years of living. I was that guy who felt that school was just a scam and bill at one point. While i still feel that way somewhat, I have a much more positive outlook on it and consider it as a piece to a puzzle. Its not an end all be all, but it will open up many opportunities that I may not have been initially privileged to. I’m a logistics major, and from my many conversations with advisors, my future is bright with that degree field. I came back to school full time in Spring of 2012. I was able to do a complete 180 and turn my college career around. When I had to sit out in 2009, my GPA was a 1.96. I am proud to say that my GPA now stands at a 3.0 with a year left to go. I have only made 1 C in the last 2 years. I have began to realize that I am smarter than i thought and that you are really able to do whatever you put your mind to. I dont let ANYTHING distract me. I am going into my last week of summer school, in which I am completing 12 hours. I don’t know how i did it, but I’m anticipating good grades once again. So yea, things are going really well for me. I have a very positive outlook on my future. Not much could change that. Things are great. Lets see how I’m feeling at the end of the Fall 13 semester lol.

Trying this video with the filter out even though I don’t fuck with filters.

Trying this video with the filter out even though I don’t fuck with filters.

Another successful semester…almost done

Another successful semester…almost done


Man, life is amazing. 2 years ago at this time i was busting my ass to get back in school, working two jobs, and just hoping for another chance to accomplish goals that I thought would no longer be attainable. Here we are 12:38 am, 2 years later April 13, 2013.. back in school, with 1 more year left, doing great in school, and it seems as if im on the right path and have my priorities in order. My prayers and deepest wishes were answered when I was given the opportunity to continue to pursue my education, but still something doesn’t feel right. I just have found myself looking to relive my younger years and it has me in a weird space. I am no longer part of a close knit group of high school friends anymore due to adult/life situations taking over. One is married with three kids, one has been out of college for a few years, has a child and lives with his girlfriend, and the other one has what i feel is his first true relationship that i’ve seen him care about. Here i am all alone, single with no potentials in sight, good looking, bright future in my opinion, yearning for all the things I feel i missed out on in my early 20’s and early college years. I was in my first real relationship pretty much from 18 until 23/24. I feel that even though great things came from that situation it has also hindered me in many areas along with my own personal barriers that i’m attempting to overcome. Now that i really think about it, the social life is what i think i lack most. That once close knit group of friends is no longer that, and in many ways makes me regret being so standoffish and so tied to one group of people. They surely didnt ask my permission to get married, get in relationships, move away, and go on with their lives so why did I feel entitled to be loyal/only cool with them? I have no fucking idea, must be the Pisces in me lol. I have pretty much little to no interest in most of the girls that I have talked to in the last few years. One came along, but that true spark just wasn’t there, and one more was close but my ego/self-esteem wasn’t at its highest due to her being a college grad already and me trying to work my way back into school at the time. I am not in love with my ex girlfriend in my opinion, but I can say none of the women compared to her. They may have been a little thinner or easier on the eyes, which is something i do place value on unfortunately, so that is/was part of my issue with her (hey im an honest guy), but they just didnt have it. The sex, the food, the emotions..the fact that she was basically all i knew for my early 20’s and early college years has really warped my mind/thoughts/opinions. You could say she was my best friend. After all this time, i’m still dealing with her smh…she is still in love with me and probably feels just like me but its just strange how our situation is. A loner, cant get out and meet new people, and just lost..but for different reasons. I have a heart and honestly feel bad about our entire situation because she is such a sweet young lady that truly loves me, but I just think that part of my life is over. I don’t even want to be friends because I know that she may have that little bit of hope left and i’ve already hurt her enough, but since she keeps coming in my life i cant just keep being an asshole and brushing her off. It’s a struggle and I try to keep my eye on the prize, which is graduating from college and getting on with this part of my life. If i could go back I would do so many things different but you live and you learn. Since i’ve been back in school, i’ve went back and forth with crossing, and after attending a few probates, i definitely wish I could have experienced it. I wouldn’t have followed any of my friends, anywhere. I wouldn’t care so much what people thought of me. Those are probably a few of my biggest mishaps. As a man though, I understand and have to realize that this is real life and that the world is much bigger than college, much bigger than me. I just need to suck it up and understand that obviously God would like for me to learn something from this. What that is? Only thing i can conclude at this point is that he wants me to do what I want to do, never follow a pack, and grow to be my OWN man. If he wanted me in a certain situation, obviously i would be in it. I try to stay positive because this is very light compared to others situations and I have to just sometimes think back to where I came from. I have 0 kids, 0 STDS, 0 arrests, im healthy, handsome (at least thats what i heard), not a substance or an alcohol abuser, and im forever seeking knowledge and wisdom. I’ll also be getting ready to graduate around this time in 1 more year. I have a very bright future ahead of me..im just ready for the future to be now so i can leave this point in life.  I recall being the same way 2 years prior while I was working my 2 jobs hoping for another chance at school, which leads me to believe that there will always be an obstacle to overcome, and that this too will pass and i’ll have another battle to climb. I still have my mom & dad and siblings so i need to stop complaining. Oh well, just a little venting. Thank you God for my life and for the wisdom you have given to me in my 26 years on earth. Allow me to grow and learn what I need to from this situation. Thank You.

First Day of the Rest of My Life

I’m inspired again after listening to this Dame Dash interview. Just so much ambition. Less/No social networking and more school, studying, internet reading. So much info out here to be soaked up. Focus on the things that will put me in a better situation for the future. Im not doing anything else so i just need to quit bullshittin-AC

"Life Quote/Personal Reminder"

xxxx, get your shit together.

Getting a good job, working long hours, keeping your skills relevant, navigating the politics of an organization, finding a live/work balance…these are all really hard, xxxx. In contrast, respecting institutions, having manners, demonstrating a level of humility…these are all (relatively) easy. Get the easy stuff right xxxx. In and of themselves they will not make you successful. However, not possessing them will hold you back and you will not achieve your potential which, by virtue of you being admitted to Stern, you must have in spades. It’s not too late xxxx…

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Wisdom…For Me…& You

After 73 years of marriage, 94-year old Barbara Cooper knows how to get through matrimony’s rough patches. The author of Fall in Love for Life shares her hard-earned wisdom. By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK.

On making time to make love
“I don’t understand couples who say they are too busy or too tired to sleep together. Unless they are building roads all day or running a multi-national corporation, I expect they have just lost sight of priorities. If you wish to stay connected and happy in your marriage, my advice to you is to never be too tired or too busy to feel love for your partner. When your life is nearly over, you will regret it if you look back and recall too many nights when you made excuses instead of making love.”

On bickering
“The most important thing for any couple trying to get along is to think before you speak. If you are bickering and find that you are getting angry, take a deep breath and change course, and ask your partner to do the same. Try saying something conciliatory like, ‘I don’t know why this is making me so upset, but it is, so can you just humor me and help me get over it?’ By simply admitting you are losing your cool, you may find that the anger quickly dissipates.”

On greeting your partner
“If you want your relationship to survive and to thrive, you will have to train yourself to focus most of your attention on the person you love. When your sweetheart comes into the room, whether it’s just from taking care of some chores in the garage or from a long day at work, your job is to put down whatever you’re doing, look him in the eye, and verbally express your delight at seeing him again. It’s really so little to ask, and delivers so much - to both of you.”

On having affairs
“Some people have affairs because they tell themselves that they deserve more attention than they get at home. Or maybe they get annoyed because they feel that all of their needs aren’t getting met by their partner. Well, whoever told them that one person could meet their every need? You can actually live quite comfortably without having all of your needs met. Try thinking about it that way; you might be surprised how liberating it is. You are not perfect, and neither is your partner, but you can make a very pleasant life together if you are both serious about providing the love and support that go along with a marriage.”

On going from lovers to parents
“It’s true that when your babies are small, there isn’t much time left over for romantic gestures. But the wonderful thing about romance is that it is the quality, never the quantity, that matters. So when the baby is napping, throw a blanket on the living room floor, slice some peaches or plums or whatever you have in the house, pour a glass of something bubbly, and enjoy a mini picnic. Write love notes to each other and slip them in between the clean diapers. Be creative, and if you want your love to flourish, it certainly will do so.”

On overcoming money problems
“The most important ingredient for getting through tough economic times is THE TRUTH - it’s so important it should be capitalized and italicized. So this means that if you have any financial secrets you are keeping from your partner, you must put them on the table. Doesn’t that sound scary? I am sure it does, but as with so many unpleasant things that only get bigger and stronger in the dark, these secrets have a funny way of shrinking in the light of the truth. And as they get smaller, your stress and worry will fly away. There’s never a better time to be honest with your partner and yourself and make a plan for dealing with your debts and your excess spending - together. I promise, you will not regret it.”

On tuning in to your partner
“I think the place where good marriages break down is when one or both parties begin to take the other person for granted. And yet it’s understandable that this happens. Life is complicated and can be exhausting, so there is always a temptation when you get home to just tune out, because home is one place where you should feel safe enough to let your guard down this way. But there’s a difference between relaxing and disengaging, and while relaxing is a healthy way to recharge your psychic and spiritual batteries, disengaging is a drain on you and your relationships. Nothing is more important than that you recognize the difference and stay present for all the people you love.”

On bringing up the past
“The most important lesson I can teach you from our happy marriage is that we did not rehash. If something was unpleasant, we got through it, handled the fallout, and did not bring it up again in happy times. So we both knew that once a problem was solved, that was it - we would not have to answer for it again, at least not in its current form. And knowing this, we could give all our attention to fixing the problems that came along, because once they were fixed, we could forget about them, which is a very wonderful feeling.”

On controlling your anger
“Have you ever noticed that you can’t spell dangerous without anger? I’m no linguist, but I don’t think that’s a coincidence. When you’re ready to blow, you might say anything hurtful, things you would normally spare the person you love from hearing. Don’t say something you’ll regret forever. Don’t give your partner an excuse to come back to you with his or her own resentments. Instead, find a way to get your anger under control. For myself, I simply run through my mind a short movie of how foolishly I have been acting. You may have better luck singing a silly song, or patting your head while rubbing your tummy, or doing whatever little trick helps bring you outside of yourself long enough to regain control.”

"Worldstar Quotables"

God works in mysterious ways…..putting a nigga in a chinamans body, aint that some shit…

Tryin something new..I’m letting it grow for now, but the waves will be back one day.

Tryin something new..I’m letting it grow for now, but the waves will be back one day.



😂😂😂 #bhm #blackhistorymonth

😂😂😂 #bhm #blackhistorymonth

Regular day, feeling good….

Regular day, feeling good….

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#turn #up #knobbroke #1chainnnnnn #2chainzlilbrother